​​We provide a variety of container assessment inspections including fitness for purpose and damage, as well as insurance investigations in respect to container cargo damage.

Our container and containerised cargo surveys include:

  •  Certification of container for suitability for food grade and general cargos

  • Inspection for container cleanliness & condition

  • Pre-shipment Inspection of containerised break-bulk and bulk cargos

  • Supervision of decanting of liquid bulk cargoes from Tank containers

  • Investigation to determine cause and extent of damage to container, extent and cause of any damage to cargo in the container, and loss mitigation

  • Scrutiny of transfer of undamaged goods from damaged container to sound replacement container

  • Investigation of container loss from vessels at sea, including analysis of lashings systems adopted

  • Inspection of Reefer containers and extent of cargo damage due to machinery failure

Containers & Containerised Cargo

Marine Surveys