Marine Surveys

Grain related surveys and services:

  • Pre-inspection and hold preparation to become grain ready*. 

            See separate hold preparation service page for details.

  • Inspection of holds and assessment as to whether they meet required standards and provision of “Approval to load Grain in Bulk” certificate on passing.    

  • Sampling and analysis – taking representative samples and sending them for analysis to GAFTA approved and quality accredited laboratories to ascertain the quality of the cargo and ensure it meets contractual specifications.

  • Stowage plans & stability calculations to allow the maximum possible cargo to be loaded – including plans for multiple grade cargoes for two or more ports.

  • Weight and Quantity determination (draft surveys).

  • ​Investigation of reasons for claims against grain cargo at discharge port and assessment re arrived quality of cargo.

The Australian Government’s Export Control Orders require that prior to loading bulk grain in Australia a ship has to be inspected by a marine surveyor to ensure that the ship is suitable to carry grain. A thorough inspection of the holds and watertight integrity is required to determine that they are free of conditions that could result in contaminating, wetting or imparting an odour to the grain.

Grain is defined as including wheat, barley, oats, canola, chickpeas, dried field peas, faba beans, lentils, lupins, sorghum, soybeans, split vetch and whole vetch. 

Our surveyors are accredited grain surveyors with the Department of Agriculture and have extensive experience in the export of grain in bulk. We are able to assist you with any aspect of your vessel’s venture to load grain in Australia. 

Grain surveys