The movement of heavy lift and  cargo items is challenging and requires full collaboration between all parties concerned. Every project is unique and requires extra attention and precise planning to ensure all goes well.

Our surveyors ensure that the items being moved are safely and professionally stowed and secured to prevent damage to the vessel or the cargo during transit, and that no damage is caused to the vessel, cargo or wharf during discharge.

We also ensure the item is secured properly and safely onto land transport for its journey to its final location. In some instances, such as in marine warranty surveys, we also follow through to ensure it is safely installed on site.

 Our surveyors are actively involved in planning, handling, transport, stowage, lashing and securing and are experienced in supervising a variety of heavy lift cargo operations:

      ◊    windmill project consignments                     ◊    floating cargo
      ◊    power transformers for energy industry      ◊    port cranes
      ◊    locomotives                                                     ◊    mining equipment
      ◊   over-sized items of machinery                       ◊    cement sleepers

Marine Surveys

Our services include:

  • Inspection of cargo prior to loading for marks and damage

  • Supervision and monitoring of lift, stowage and securing of the cargo on loading

  • In stow inspection on arrival at load port

  • Supervision and monitoring discharge of cargo and inspection on discharge of cargo

  • Supervision of loading and securing of project cargo onto land transport vehicle for travel to destination

  • Supervision and monitoring of installation of cargo items at their final end destination


  • Daily reporting to client, and final report with photos as required


Heavy lift and Project cargo