Exporters of grain from Australia must meet the statutory requirements of the Export Control Act (1982) and the import country’s relevant quarantine requirements. The Department of Agriculture implements the requirements of the Act and determines via the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) and accredited Grain Surveyors if the requirements are being met.

The standard of hold cleanliness required in Australia for loading grain is very high, and stricter than for many other countries. If a vessel fails to pass hold inspection surveys, it can result in high remedial operational costs to bring them up to a suitable condition.

Similarly, there are stringent hold cleanliness requirements for the importing of fertiliser in bulk into Australia, and for the loading of alumina, mineral sands, etc.

Armada Maritime Services has a great deal of experience in hold preparation for grain, fertiliser and other cargoes sensitive to shipboard contamination from previous cargo residues, rust and other contaminants.

These services include:

  • Thoroughly inspecting holds in preceding discharge port, or at the anchorage at the load port

  • Devising a preparation plan and listing corrective actions required to bring the vessel’s holds up to the standard required for specific cargo to be loaded, and supervising the work to be undertaken

  • Advising the best cost-effective course of action if external assistance or equipment is required, and supervising work undertaken.

  • Water-tight integrity tests of hatch-covers and other openings to the cargo holds and checking the proper function of the hold bilges.

Hold Inspection &  Preparation Services


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